Guidance on Instagram Influencer Marketing for 2020

What is Instagram influencer marketing?

Generally, influencer marketing deals with the strategies to become popular across the world. Instagram Influencer Marketing is one of the recent phenomena that paves the way to its users to become reputed in the universe through social media like Instagram. It gives you great exposure and helps you create a brand image to you and your products with valid comments from the influencer’s followers who show interest in what you communicate to them.

What is the special benefit in choosing Instagram over other social media?

Instagram has become the most influential social media of the current era in which there are over 1 billion active users per month. There are numerous reasons in favour of the growth of Instagram. Let us have a look at a few of them:

Live and Lively Interaction

Your followers are encouraged to interact with you and to pass on comments on your posts. This creates a positive impression amidst other users who are motivated to become your followers.

Hard-to-believe Reach

As Instagram users are more active in posting images and videos, they reach out to more number of people. For the sake of thousands of likes on your product post either you can buy automatic Instagram likes or you can choose influencer marketing. Instagram is ranked the second over other social media Facebook being the first.

Rush of influencers

There is no wonder why marketers prefer Instagram as their platform to develop their enterprise. Instagram makes their work simple as clicking a tab to upload an image. The rapidity in performance attract people who later become the users of Instagram.


Instagram Marketing Policy through Influencers

The three important elements of your influencer marketing policy are to be identified first. They are:

  1. Aim at influencing your Audience
  2. Promote your objectives / goals
  3. Influencers

Aim at influencing your Audience

Your uploads are to be screened in such a way that they are specific to a particular category of audience. Don’t be in a hurry to reach people randomly. This will make the users doubt your caliber.

Promote your objectives / goals

Set goals that properly suit your profession. Below are the features for goal setting:

Sales Promotion

The first aim is to promote your sales through influencer marketing at slow but steady pace not overnight.

Brand Image

When a new brand is introduced through social media, the success of its reach is purely dependent on the users’ regular and consistent interaction with their followers, impressions and their comments as well.

Increase the number of followers

When your brand is discussed by a number of followers on social media, you are acknowledged amidst other unknown people too. This will bring reputation to your brand.

How popular brands are selecting their influencers

  • The interest of the influencers should match with the interest and demand of the people. The product for sale is to be selected accordingly
  • Selecting the region where most people demand the product and working for them.
  • There shall be excellent interaction between the influencers and the users.
  • The popularity on social media is measured on the increase of followers.
  • Financial plan is the most consideration as influencers may accept percentages of sales pertaining to the circumstances.

How to find Instagram Influencers for your Brand?

There are diverse ways to identify the correct and authentic instagram influencers for your brand. Let us look at the list given below to do the same.

Using Instagram Tools

The ideal method is to search on Instagram. As this method does not cost you, you will be finding it difficult to find more influencers immediately. The reason is that the Social media Instagram is used by millions of people simultaneously. Besides, all these influencers will not be apt to your product.

Advanced Search on Google

Every X Y Z ends up in searching anything on Google search and copying from the first page. Google Advanced Search has a provision which helps you to highlight the influencers who can actually work for your brand promotion. Instead, you can visit the specific websites that will save your time and energy.
For an illustration:


Key words: Popular Instagram Infleuncers

Kinds of Instagram Influencers

You can witness more kinds of Instagram Influencers whose popularity can bring in more followers and influencers to your brand. The influencers can be broadly classified into the following:

Celebrities as Influencers

Every social media has a list of celebrities to improve its marketing strategy. Actors, Sportsmen, Singers are a few types of influencers who work for lakhs. But only these celebrities actually grab the attention of the followers. The main credit is that they are known to all. So it is the best choice to host them as influencers.

Influencers through Social Media

There are another category of influencers who are popular on social media not on TV. They are trustworthy to increase the level of canvas, as their posts are frequently debated. They have approximately 50k to 500k followers.

Influencer Platform

It is working like a directory containing profiles verified. They can be used to build your basic influencers. The paid directory shows light on the following perspectives.

  • Field of the brand
  • Interaction rate
  • Followers count
  • Frequency of posts
  • Salient features of brand
  • Rate

There are Instagram Influencer Platforms exclusively to make you keep in touch with popular.

We think these can be helpful:


Scrunch helps with over 20 million profiles to introduce brands.



Upfluence works with more than 1.2 million influencers that furnish us with information like location and engagement on latest posts.



NeoReach is the best option to the beginners who will be guided to browse through campaigns generated by the users.



AspireIQ is known for having brought out changes Discovery Engine which is a streamlined tool to select Influencers.

Ways to have an effective influencer campaign:

  • Outline your Instagram Influencer Marketing Campaign in order to prevent traffic on the social media.
  • Encourage your influencers by making the payment promptly for their posts.
  • Organize game shows and activities with attractive prizes to promote your brand.
  • Guide the influencers to create brand stories that would draw more attention.
  • Create reviews on your products through Influencers.
  • Gift your products to the Influencers who later share the used experiences to others.
  • Use Hashtags to publicise the characteristics of your products. Let the influencers too share it in their feed.

To conclude, Instagram influencer marketing campaign is the best strategy to get a brand noticed by many. It comparatively generates more responses than the conventional advertising method. We are hopeful that you would have been correctly guided on Instagram Influencer Marketing.